Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Girl All Grown Up

I'm back! After a 10 month hiatus from blogging! Mostly due to throwing my entire self into wedding planning, honeymoon and now moving, I forgot how much I loved blogging! As a kid, I always kept a written journal (something sadly outdated.. Everything sure is convenient online, but nothing like pulling out an old, worn out book covered in magazine tear outs and lipstick kisses from some old dusty box and rediscovering the kid in you). But, times have changed and now this shall serve as that old worn out book. It is such an outlet..a way to keep the creative juices flowing and something to do in your spare time. A way for us gals to bond over makeup, fashion, travel and whatever our little hearts' desire.

So where did I leave off last? I went to San Francisco in December (which was an awesome trip!). So much has happened since then! 2013 has been quite the year. My sister got married, I got married, my best friend got married... My husband (oooo first time writing husband) landed an amazing new dream job and we decided to leave our dear city life behind for the burbs. We move one week from today! (I will do a separate blog on that).

The day to day things have not changed though...still work at a law firm, still buy too much makeup and still dream over designer fashion. Still go out with the girls and still go on dates with the hubs. Still come home everyday and pick up my little doggy for kisses.. still watch Bravo and browse online... Still go to the same Starbuck's every morning and pour the same cup of green tea every night.

Isn't it funny how much really stays the same throughout these major life changes? All these key, life altering moments and milestones that you dream about as a little girl,...Moments where life just feels MAGIC.. Graduating college, finding the man of your dreams, finding the dog of your dreams, living life to the utmost fullest in your twenties, living in a teeny, tiny apartment on the beach and in a teeny, tiny apartment in the city and not caring that it is a shoe box because you are where you wanted to be for so long...getting married, being a maid of honor in your best friend's wedding... And now... caring that you do live in a teeny, tiny, shoe box apartment and moving into a beautiful house in the burbs.

I think if someone had told me when I was younger all this would happen by the time I hit 28, I would have thought you were confusing me with one of those "lucky" people..those "it" girls. That life did not have all this amazing stuff in store for me..I wasn't deserving of it. But, somehow, it all happened...Without me even realizing it. Funny how life does that.

So as I move into the next chapter of my life (literally), I am bringing this little, humble blog along for the little, humble ride.