Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Glam

I'm back! I went into a blogging slump where I just didn't feel too motivated to document my life and the more superficial stuff such as outfits, etc... the past few weeks (outside of Instagram). Plenty to catch up on since I have been very naughty in the shopping department. Especially online shopping! Until very recently, I was never one for online shopping. I have no shame in admitting I love the rush of instant gratification of carrying a bag home and being able to wear something right away. (Which I have done plenty of that too). Ish..Santa please forgive me for I know not what I do....?? eh??

The fiance and I went out this past Thursday evening to a luxury cinema (movie theater) in Del Mar, CA called Cinepolis. It was so fannccyy smanccyy. Reclining leather seats; an automatic button to push when you want your own personal waiter to take an order mid movie; real food served in addition to the good ol movie favorites; and cocktails! Not to mention plenty of space between you and the next patron so you feel oh so private. It was so fun. James and I missed the first half hour of the movie because we were too busy acting like twelve year olds moving our automatic seats up and down, back and forth and giggling at each other pretending we were uber rich and buzzing our butler..right! Well that is the experience this theater gives! A trip into la la luxury land. It was pretty amusing! James and I both agreed that is the only way to see a movie from here on out. We saw Lincoln. It was good!

I didn't document my outfit from that night, but I did the next night when we went to dinner and a local bar for some music. It was a fun, mellow night! And pouring! Which is why I decided to throw my hair up in a bun. Just forego dealing with the frizz altogether. The remainder of the weekend I was in pjs on the couch. Fighting off the last bit of a cold.

Blazer: Gibson (Nordstrom Rack) I bought the same one in black for a trial about a year ago and was so thrilled when I saw they came out this season in multiple colors..It's a great blazer; Skirt: BCBGMaxazria; Necklace: ByBellaCollection Tights: Express; Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte #13 (My go to fun pink/peach lip)

Leopard Booties: Steve Madden (Nordstrom Rack)

Nails: Orly Rage (First layer); OPI Golden Eye (Second Layer); OPI for Sephora Gold top coat  

Arm Candy: Express, Forever 21, The Engagement Ring 

OK- I couldn't resist. I went into Ulta for some shampoo and noticed the Kardashians had released their makeup line. Most of it I was beyond unimpressed with, but the lashes were nice! I love these and I really like how they don't have a thick base. Side note on this: I always wonder if the Kardashians would really ever wear their own clothing line/makeup/perfume beyond pure endorsement gut tells me no! ;) 

Christmas Tree at the Cinepolis theater. 

Happy December my friends <3


  1. Katie!! Missed you!!
    In love with your teal blazer, love teal & blazers. I finally bought something teal, I can't wait until it gets here...I am so guilty of online shopping, its crazy. I love shopping both ways, however I don't have to get dress to shop online, so I think I favorite that more. I bought this Big Sexy Hair powder volume thing, I have been putting my hair in bun lately, totally think about you when I do it. Love you leopard booties, & arm candy. Any animal accessory, I am all over that. & Sephora by OPI gold nailpolish, I just got that over black Friday (on sale), I am sacred to use it. Like when I take it off, will I be trashing gold? I so want to support my K-Dash, but stop making crappy things. WTF!!?

    Have good Monday!

    PS: I am so sorry about your lost. I was going to comment, but I do better with light heart-ed things. I am not good in those situations.

    1. Yah it's def. nice just laying on the couch in pjs and shopping vs feeling like you have to get all dolled up to go to the mall! LOL.. I use that powder volume and LOVE IT! That animal arm candy totally reminded me of you when I got it! And no worries about the last post! I posted that mostly because I have fam that periodically reads my blog :)

  2. Haha, the movie reenactmenet was hilarious! I can just picture you two birds doing everything you described! Aww, so fun though! Nate would love that since we go to the movies quite often. Maybe we will have to trek to Del Mar one Saturday night to take in this fancy movie business.

    Love the nails! I have all three of those shades (I just bought goldeneye, um beccause of you!) so I'll have to try it soon. Good for Christmas parties and such! Glad you're back on blogger :)

    1. LOL..Yah we should double date and go there one night! I'm glad to be back on here too! The polish is def. great for holidays and I think will be nice in summer paired with corals and pinks!

  3. That theatre sounds amazing! That is like the perfect date night!

    1. Yah they are popping up more and more! I'm surprised they didn't think of this concept sooner!


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