Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fine Line

I am going on a trip up to San Francisco with James right after Christmas through NYE. I could not be more excited to get a taste of the city during the holidays all lit up and pretty!! And cold! I have plenty of scarves and beanies and over the knee socks and stuff to layer and be cozy with, but I'm lacking in the dressier pant department a little bit.

This morning, I stopped in Nordstrom and picked up this pair of faux leather leggings. I would have liked to have picked up a real leather pair from BCBG, but for something so trendy, I refuse to drop major money for ultimately the same effect. I trust Nordstrom's version. Now..I think there is a very fine line of how one can pull these off by looking classy and chic vs tacky and cheap! We are talking Lauren Conrad/ Kardashian styled vs. Jersey Shore. Butt cheeks and crotch area must be covered. Also a looser top is a must. I plan on wearing mine with a flat material on top (non shiny). Balance balance and more balance. I plan on wearing them with suede black wedge booties and a black (or off white) top and a white loosely structured blazer. Insta-glam! 

Classy and Chic: 

Tacky and Cheap: 

Sorry Snooks! This just doesn't work!!!

I think they can look so glam and edgy, but still classy if styled properly. Some people though, just don't get this. But if they don't care, why should we! It is just fashion after all. 


  1. I swear I leave you the longest comments ever, here is another one.

    I just read your reply to me in your last post, & awe! Any time I think about SD, I think about you, & BCBG. I totally want invest in their skirts, however that's when I get a legit job/lose lil weight. You & Alex (HRH) make me drool over your BCBG skirts. Story time, Liquid leggings, I was flight to NYC picked up a Cosmo style issue back in Summer of 2008, they had spread on liquid leggings, LC was wearing one from Members Only, I wanted those so badly. They were $98, seriously the most I spent on a clothing item. (I didn't get them until November) they were amazing. Now after 4 yrs, they glossyness is gone, (I wore them for a friends birthday, drank alil to much where I threw up on myself, & yeah.) but still have them. American Apparel makes similar once, I got those early this year, haven't worn them, I am so sacred that even tho they are XL I will ripped them. Which will totally make me cry. AA was less expensive then the Members Only, but still. I want pair like for Forever 21 so I can rough use them, & not cry if they rip/get damaged. I can totally picture you in your new leggings/flowy white blazer, & messy bun in SF.

    In my Express haul, I bought two "sweater" leggings, cutest thing ever, deff can't wait to wear those, so freakin' soft.

    LC/Kardashians wear them best, simple outfits, but totally chic.

    PS: So need a blazer like Khloe's, in black.

  2. I love the way Lauren wears hers! That girl makes everything look beautiful. I need a pair stat! Along with some plain black and burgundy ones. I like to wear mine with a coat over them, very cute with boots. But I think with leather ones, a long tunic and blazer with some heels is best!

  3. I have worn liquid leggings forever and I LOVE them, they are just the best. My favorite is pairing them with a collared shirt- the contrast is my favorite. and cracking up at the Snooks pics. hahah. I gotta say- on her, I like the first picture. That's just who she is(and i may or may not be obsessed with her red hair..) but the second picture is laugh out loud funny.

  4. I am gonna need some other way to talk to you...

    Happy New Years Katie! (& the boo/pup!)

  5. I love lauren conrads hair with the braid in the front! xo


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