Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the Season

Fa la la la la la parttieeessssss! Tis the season where it seems like every weekend, a new invite pops up to some form of holiday party! Every month, a group of us gals gets together for "Girl's Night". We rotate who hosts each month. This past Saturday, my friend April hosted a holiday style, secret santa girl's night at her Mom's amazing loft in downtown San Diego. It was beautiful! Just absolutely gorgeous! Straight out of a magazine. It was very Sex and the City. Chic, classy, elegant and just right for the holiday feel. We chatted, drank, ate an organic dinner, exchanged gifts, then hit the town to dance the night away! It was the perfect girl's night out.

Tonight, is my work's holiday dinner party. They are throwing it on a Monday this year because we have multiple employees leaving town and this was the only night we could all get together. We are going to this quaint little downtown Italian restaurant. It is decorated exactly as if the store, Anthropology had a restaurant. Today, I am all decked out in red and green. This is the most Christmas-y I have ever dressed...ever. In past years, since my Dad died, I have been Miss Grinch come Christmas time. I just dreaded it. A blaring reminder that he is no longer here. When all the family gets together, it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Just feels like something is missing..even though we could all guarantee on him to be grumpy by the end of the night and ready to drive home early. ;) But that was my Dad and I miss him. I remember his last Christmas with us. I remember staring at him and my Mom on the couch in front of the tree just knowing that was going to be his last one. I studied that day and paid attention to every moment. I can still picture mental photographs I took in my head. All the other Christmases don't stand out to me like that one.

I chat with my sister and cousin on facebook messaging pretty much every day for the past several years. We always joke we should one day publish our conversations. They cover everything from women's issues, politics, the men in our life, health, drama, family gossip, and the everyday chit chat. I was telling them last week, that this year, I feel different about the holidays. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Maybe it's because I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to this coming year. Maybe it's because we are flying up to San Francisco right after Christmas and we have a vacation to look forward to. Maybe it's because my Mom recently moved in with a good girlfriend and I am relived that she is no longer alone. And maybe, I am coming to peace within myself that Christmas will always be different with his absence as I knew and was familiar with as a kid. We have to create new traditions and just simply enjoy it for what it is. :) Live in the moment and cherish it. I am trying to do that more and keep myself grounded and not get too caught up in what happened in the past and what could happen in the future.

I feel a little elf like today in my green blazer and green tights, black suede booties and wine colored lips. But why not? It's festive! 

 The loft. It was on the 17th floor and had a 360 degree view of the downtown skyline. I took a photo of the view but it was rather foggy that night so it didn't do it justice. Just breathtaking. It was huge too! Everywhere I looked, there was another room with more luxury! 

I snapped this before I cleaned up the edges. My best friend gave me this idea for the nails. She had a similar combo on last time she came to visit. I used OPI for Sephora "I'm with Brad" and layered Essie's "Leading Lady" on top. That is my green tights in the background. 

A close up of the jewelry I have on today that I picked up this weekend. Love love love love!! I couldn't find them available online, but check out the store in person! This is my go to store for jewelry!

And this is in no relation to the rest of this post, but I am so obsessed with my new iphone cover. It is by BCBGMaxazria. Oreo already ate the tail! 

Do you have any fun holiday parties to go to this year? 
Happy Holidays my friends! 


  1. Pretty! I can't get enough glitter right now, so I really like your nails! I'm glad you had a fun GNO, that loft is pretty amazing!

    I think we are both enjoying the holidays much more this year :) It's awesome!

  2. Love your outfit! Too cute and I love San Diego! You're so lucky :)

  3. Wow- I am so happy to hear that you are getting in the spirit. I completely understand (though I haven't experienced what you're going through) why that would make you a Christmas Grinch. Completely! I am so sorry, that must be so hard. But I'm sure he would want you to delight in his memory and enjoy the Holidays so I'm sure he is delighted to know that you are doing just that. And what a relief about your Mom- very happy for you this year.

    Your work party sounds awesome and the Sex and the City place looks gorgeous too! Oh how I love a good view. Very happy for you!! Enjoy the Holidays pretty lady.

  4. You look so cute in your party outfit! Great color combination! And your iphone cover: omg it's amazing! So cute! And what a relief about your mom!


  5. I love your green blazer! Such a cute outfit for the Holidays (or whenever!) And that iphone case!! Omgsh! so cute! Christmas will get better and better as you create your own traditions. We had a couple transitional years too, but now it's getting better again! I love your optimism though. You are awesome girlie! :)

  6. I am totally gonna piggy back on Caitlin's comment! & of course add my two cents on the other stuff...

    Seriously going to steal all your blazers.
    Plum lips, so the season for it.
    Even though I have been buying random polishes lately, I want the two your wearing, so pretty.
    Love your new arm candy!
    & OMG, why do iphones get the cutest covers? No love for BB? That's the cutest I have seen for a iphone, other than the bling once.


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