Saturday, October 13, 2012

Falling in Style

I think that Fall is the perfect time of year to showcase your true fashion sense. A true fashionistas colors really shine through during fall. The whimsical and ease of summer fashion is in the rear view mirror and with fall brings structure and classic pieces that offer a timeless sense of style that transcends decades. It is my most favorite time of year. These photos help inspire me and put together outfits that just look understatedly beautiful. They are wearable, casual and cool. 

 Cream, black and congnac. My go-to fall staple colors. 
 This is a sweater you could find out of the 1970s, but it brings the look up to date with the layered arm candy. Timeless.
 This is as easy as throwing on jeans and a t-shirt, so may as well dress it up, while keeping casual.
 What a power "suit". This is edgy, sexy, and oozes confidence and style!
Leopard and cognac are timeless.

 *Photos courtesy of Pinterest*

Me last night (in a dressing room). My first time in months wearing tights! I also have been loving the simplicity of the "sock" bun~(See... I told you I wear the same shirt and blazer over and over) ;) 


  1. Love Fall, favorite season everrr!
    I love the 2ND photo, have it printed out for my inspirational binder.
    AnnaLynne McCord's that's so me. (Minus the blonde hair the skinnyness.)
    I am seriously counting down the days I can start wearing liquid leggings again!!!
    My hair sucks, & I can't do a sock bun, so boo!
    & yes! I can wear the same shirt/leggings as long as I have new accessories/bags I am good.

    I seriously want to go try out the BCBG skirts...

    PS: I am obsessed with have done?

  2. Could NOT agree more! Fall is where it all comes together. So much to work with and so much opportunity to shine. Love, love, love what you've picked here!! And I LOVE your outfit. you look just as fashionable as all of the images preceding you.

  3. @Sarmin LOL..I know I want to try a pair of the faux "leather" leggings..They can look so hot done right! BCBG skirts are pricey but so worth it! I wash and throw them in the dryer all the time and they have not faded or lost their structure..those things are amazing!

    @Caitlin- Thank you! Fall def. allows more flexibility with fashion although here in SD it's supposed to be in the 80s to 90s this week! UGH..I'm ready for the cooler weather stat!

  4. I love these pictures. I have seen some of these on Pinterest and love them. Our taste is really similar! Love your outfit in the dressing room! Did you end up getting any of it? You look so cute!

  5. @Ali: Thanks! No didn't end up getting anything from there, but I did get a fab white blazer from Nordies that I will do a post on soon!!


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