Friday, October 5, 2012

The Rack

     I have always admired and dreamed of having a celebrity inspired closet. Unfortunately, a two bedroom apartment does not make that possible, nor does a "real" girl budget. So what is the next best thing?! A clothing rack. After my best friend picked one up, I realized hmmmm..I think I need one of those too! I am terrible, let me reiterate, terrible about hanging my clothes after the wash. For someone who is as into fashion and decor as I am, you would think I would be so quick to put my clothing items away, but I don't (unless guests are coming over). I let them hang draping over the door handles where I left them to dry or sitting on the bench at the end of our bed. I don't have a good reason or answer for this. I am generally a good housekeeper and like things in their place, but when it comes to my clothing I hit a road block. I know if I had a huge walk in closet or some place pretty to display them, I would be better about this, but my mini sliding closet door, just Period.

     So in comes the clothing rack. (The fiance by the way, thought this was ridiculous. He threw a fuss about me displaying it in "his" bedroom ..i.e. the office. He says this is his one place in the entire house that is his. The desk is his little sanctuary away from my girly deam apartment..even though the desk itself is pretty girly. After some discussion, he agreed to let me put it in there and there it has stayed). I display my nicer clothing items on there that I wear on a daily basis. I should mention that I am BCBG bandage skirt obsessed..I think I have a total of 12 at the moment. I wear them to work, out on the town or running errands. They are so versatile! I just scoot them down when going to work and pull them up a bit when going out. Add some solid tights during the cooler months and they can take you year round. If you know me, you know that is my "signature" style. A bandage skirt with a flowy top or a structured blazer and some flats. That is my go to look. I digress.

     So for now, the clothing rack will serve as my walk in, chandelier and candle strewn closet. It is as close as I am going to get to pretending to be Rachel Zoe...for now.


  1. I'm glad you like the rack! I don't know how I lived without mine. It really makes styling different outfits so much easier. It's a good way to display your favorite pieces of the moment too so they are always front and center :)

  2. Even though I have two closets that are empty (I live with my parents, extra bedrooms) I like to have my things in my room. I have one closet, & two dressers, & way more stuff then a normal person needs. I am looking for a rack, where did you get yours? I want the rack in my bedroom, but I don't know if that's going to look "cute" or not, but totally want a rack for my blazers. I am so sacred that the wooden rod thing in my closet will break any day now & I will totally be screwed.

    PS: I remember your your BCBG skirt obsession from your last blog. After I read one of your post, I went to the website, the price was so no in my budget. But they are so cute!

  3. @Sarmin- I got this rack from the Container Store. It was around $50 I think. I didn't get the cheapest one b/c I was afraid it would fall apart with any amount of weight on it. Yah the BCBG skirts are pricey! But sometimes I can score one off for a lot cheaper than the regular price although most of them I did buy at full or sale price off the actual website b/c they sell out so fast. I haven't bought a new one in quite some time and have been having the itch! ;)


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