Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prince Charming

I should put it out there that I am in the process of planning a wedding. As I don't want this blog to be strictly wedding related, but more so about my personal experiences, it might pop up quite a few times throughout the next year until the entire circus is over. Given that, I figure it is fair enough to share some history on the fiance's (I hate that word by the way-so formal- I feel like I should say it with a snob accent and my nose in the air) and I relationship.

My loooonggggggg time boyfriend, James, finally popped the question in December 2011. I met James in 2003 when I moved to San Diego to attend SDSU. My naive freshman eyes were filled with the glitter and allure a big city had to offer- so many new experiences moving from a suburb, family town to the big city. I had no idea what I was doing, nor what was in store for me, but I sure was ready to find out!

On one fateful night, my friend got caught in the dorms with alcohol. Tsssk Tsssk! ;) Thus, he was booted out and moved into a house around the corner from the dorms. The friend would invite my friends and I over to "social gatherings" often and James (the fiance') lived in this house. I could say the rest is history, but I feel like that leaves out so much! At the time, I had no interest in finding prince charming and he had a girlfriend. Fast forward to May 2004 and with the girlfriend gone, our friendship status morphed into a relationship status. Throughout college, we dated off and on (more so on) and when college was wrapping up in 2008, I went through a personal tragedy (my Dad passed away) and life took me back to my hometown to be with my Mom. My life as I knew it stopped at this point. I had taken a leave of absence from work when my Dad got sick so I could spend time with him and after he died, I realized I hated my current career path (working at a bank) and that life is too short to do something I hated and decided to start fresh. Easier said than done. So at this point I had no job, no social life, no place to live, no money and my relationship with James had ended. I can honestly say this was the most challenging time in my life. I sat around depressed for about 2 1/2 months. I was going stir crazy and felt like a useless blob not contributing anything to anything! I finally got myself out of the fog and hightailed it back to San Diego!

James was nice enough to offer me a place to sleep until I could find a job and get back on my feet. Well, one thing led to another and we found ourselves back in a relationship. By some stroke of luck, I immediately landed a job at a law firm in La Jolla and got back on my feet rather quickly. Life resumed as I knew it in San Diego. Within a 2 month period I went from no relationship to a relationship. No job and no money to a job and money. No social life to a social life. Things were "normal" again. I could breathe once more. So here we are... nine years later and engaged with a pup named Oreo at home.

James means the world to me. That man has stuck with me through the worst times and lowest of lows in my life. We both have tempers the size of the Empire State Building and can butt heads with the best of them at times, but we have a great love and friendship. He makes me laugh everyday. He is one of those people that can talk to any stranger on the street as if they had been friends for years. I miss him when I'm at work. I miss him when he runs an errand for a few hours. We have made a pretty good life for ourselves after nine years. He is my prince charming in the real world sense! No white horse or castle necessary!

I am so excited for him to be my husband. He is a good man, a good friend and a good partner. <3

*****Fun fashion and beauty blogs to follow...Figured I should start with who I am first***** 


  1. I love the background here!!! Tells me a lot about you in a good little quip.

    First off, I am so sorry you lost your Father. Hugs to you. :(

    Secondly, James sounds amazing from this. What a nice person to reach out to someone who was CLEARLY in need. I love it. He sounds like a keeper!!!

    Happy to see you on here :)

  2. @miss Caitlin: Thank you :) It means a lot to me that you are "following" my blog. I love yours and check it I can actually comment on your posts :)

  3. Katie, so sorry that you lost your dad. I don't know what I would do if I lost my dad. Agree with Caitlin, James totally sounds like a keeper. & I love that you wrote you two both are hot headed, but can work things out. I so wanna guy I can fight with but also give in & cuddle with. Congrats on the engagement!


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