Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oreo Cookie

Oreo (also known as: Mooshu, booboo, nunu, frederick frankenstein, cookster, nabisco, slipper, smashface, skunk, etc..) is the little luff of my life. He is my five year old Pekingese that I could not love any more!

Here is the history on Oreo. I have always loved and been absolutely obsessed with dogs my entire life. I had one dog growing up that I have the best memories with! During the beginning of college, having a dog was not an option living in the dorms/with multiple roomates/multiple apartments and a chaotic lifestyle. Around comes 2007 (more towards the end of my college years) and I was living with James in a little hole-in-the-wall, beach apartment. I had been bugging him for months about getting a dog..searching endlessly every night on craigslist for the perfect little companion. James' answer was always "No" due to practical reasons- such as the apartment we lived in did not allow dogs. This made no difference to me. I was determined and when I am determined, I see something through to the end. I guess I could say the straw that broke the camel's back that made James finally agree to just meeting with a dog, was that I had just found out that my Dad had terminal cancer. End-of-the-world- as you know it type information. He knew a puppy would help shed some light on the darkness surrounding my life at the time.

At the time, I was in the search of a pug- (I love little deformed looking alien dogs), but then I stumbled upon an advertisement for Oreo. One look at his photo and it was love at first sight. I got on the phone right away and called. He was still available!! Yes! I scheduled for the current owners to meet with us that night. James warned me "I have the ultimate decision in this..I will give you a signal if we are not getting him" ..Ha..well... one look at Oreo in person and  a lick on the nose was all he needed to seal the deal... He was ours..we were his..we became a family. :)

Oreo has brought so much joy to my life. When I am sad, he makes me happy. He enjoys car rides, doggy park, walks, treats, toys, playing fetch and lots of cuddling. He does not enjoy bath time and hair cuts. He loves to play with other dogs (well as long as they are not in HIS house..playing with HIS toys or eating out of HIS food bowl)- I have had to stop a few "fights" from happening when it comes to HIS stuff. Typical single child syndrome. Otherwise, he is the most perfect, sweet little man anyone could ask for! I am so glad he is in my life! Woman's best friend!

 Oreo on the 1st Halloween we had him. (Yes I did go Paris Hilton and make him wear a costume!)
 Pugs seem to gravitate to Oreo..I think they feel akin with their smashed faces and alien bodies

Oreo during bath time..I managed to capture a few shots where he looks happy..he usually is whining

Oreo has taken over our ottoman. It is his throne.

Oreo found a new use for his toy..

Can you imagine how life looks from this low to the ground?!

Oreo on Easter playing with an egg
Oreo and I in La Jolla..It was a lazy Sunday where I rolled out of makeup..and barely combed I am hiding behind him.
And yes..he always has his tongue out!


  1. LA JOLLA! Oh, I miss it.
    & my goodness, Oreo is just the cutest thing in the world! I want a puppy so bad, my parents won't let me, I need my own place.

  2. @Sarmin- you need to move to SD!! ;) thanks!! I am a proud Mommy!!!

  3. I love cookie, he always makes me smile! I love the way he greets me whenever I come over for a night!

  4. oreo is a DOLL!!! love this post. and the pics of him in the bathtub- I die!!! SO cute.


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