Friday, October 19, 2012

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

     I have never been one of those girls that has a ton of perfumes at once. I usually at the most have 2 or 3 to choose from..but more times than not, I only have one. I go through them rather fast. My only explanation that I can think of for this is that we have guests over a lot..pretty much every other weekend or sometimes every weekend someone is visiting/staying over. I like my place to smell nice. I have candles, but I always like to add a little extra touch. So yes ..I spray my $160.00 perfume into the air of the apartment. I also spray it on my clothes that hang on the rack so the scent stays with me longer.

On a digression: Yes..can you believe that bottle was $160.00???!!! I almost fainted when she rang me up. I was at Nordstrom ..the sales girls shamelessly know me there. I thought it was going to be $100.00 (which is what I typically pay for a big, nice bottle of perfume-still a lot, but I can justify the cost-It's a is something people associate with you and remember you by. I think sometimes, if you enjoy a more expensive scent, then it's worth the price tag). She rang it up and I hesitated to pass over my debit card. It's that moment where do you want to seem like a broke balla on a budget and say nevermind..or just do it? And I did it. It was payday and I had the money, so I did it. I quickly buried the receipt in the bottom of my purse so the fiance wouldn't happen to stumble upon it and kill me. (Babe-if you are's over and done with now and I won't buy it again!)

So onto the review. Do I think it is worth $160.00? NO! I don't regret purchasing it though. It is a nice scent, but on me just does not last! I know scents are so personal and they mix differently with body chemistry, but this one just doesn't do it for me. I like the scent. I enjoy it. It's warm, soft and feminine. But it bothers me to spend that much money on something and not have it last! I have the roller ball of it too and I would re-purchase that if I wanted to re-explore the scent again. I still have over half the bottle left, but I think in the meantime, I'm going to go back to my ol' faithful.

My good ol' gal..Chanel Mademoiselle. I just love that perfume. It goes well with my chemistry and lasts! It reminds me of old Hollywood glam and luxury and elegance with a soft undertone. It just makes me feel pretty. (In spring and summer months, I also enjoy mixing Chanel Chance eau tendre with Blvgari Coral- that is a yummy combo!)

What is your favorite perfume? Have you tried V&R Flowerbomb?


  1. $160??? WHAT?
    I don't think I can ever spend that much on a perfume, with the job I have now. CRAY! (Did I just type 'cray?'). My favorite perfume is the Ralph Blue, & I have never bought it myself, always gotten it as a birthday present (last time my 24TH, 25TH now). I so wanna have vanity full of pretty perfume bottles, but the prices keep me away. Newest love is Marc Jacbos's Lola, birthday present this year from a friend.

    If Ralph Blue goes up to $160, that would totally suck.

  2. @sarmin: I know!! It is cray! I would not repurchase it!! I haven't tried Lola but I've heard good things about it! Need to sample it. I wish I had a vanity full too but they are so pricey!! maybe someday!

  3. I was at Ross the other day, they had the small bottle of Lola for $50, not much of a difference, but alil cheaper.

  4. you are so funny! i love that you spray it around the room, haha. I usually ask for one bottle of perfume a year and my Stepmom gets it for me for Christmas. Somehow, I just make it through the rest of the time- I just don't like spending my own money on that I suppose! but I do love me some beautiful smells!

    I get why you say it isn't worth 160 even though you like it. I have smelled both of those and definitely love them both!


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