Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Left My Heart in San Diego

Shelter Island (Location of where our wedding will be!)

I'm pretty sure I did a post like this on my old blog, but my feelings have not changed, so I figured I would re-visit it.

In about nine months from now, I will have officially been a San Diego resident for ten years. Gosh how time just flies! I visited San Diego from as small as I can remember. My parents never had much extra money, but they always found ways to make my childhood an amazing one, and one way they did that, was with spur of the moment trips. My Dad would tell my Mom and I to get ready and off we would go on some adventure. (This is something I have inherited from my Dad that I think drives the fiance crazy at times..I get an idea..crazy or not, and I run with it- this is how we ended up living where we do now..and it has worked out so far)

Living in Southern California, there is a lot around that doesn't require much planning. Some days it would be a trip to Disneyland..or Knott's Berry Farm..and on many occasions, it would be a day trip to San Diego. I have so many photos of us at Sea Port Village and Horton Plaza (a mall downtown)..La Jolla Shores, The San Diego Zoo, etc... We would go to San Diego pretty much any chance we got. Birthdays, anniversaries or just because. I think because of that, it has always held a special place in my heart. Especially now that my Dad is no longer here, I feel so connected to him in this city. I can remember one particular day when it was getting towards the end of his illness and we were at the beach at sunset, waiting on a dinner reservation..My Mom was inside the restaurant waiting and as the sun set over the ocean, he grabbed my hand and said "If you ever want to visit me, just come to the beach and I will be there"..whether there is any truth to that or not, it meant the world to me that he outlined a spot to be able to visit him.

I have worked and lived in many different areas of San Diego. My two most favorite spots are La Jolla and downtown/Little Italy. La Jolla is just breathtakingly beautiful. I forget that I am in the continental United States when I am there. And downtown.... the hustle and bustle of a city..the fact that you can see every walk of life within a block radius..from the homeless to the middle class to the rich business workers..Petco Park summer baseball games and fireworks.. the Gaslamp quarter..a million little eateries..funky underground bars.. a mixed, cultured views from building rooftops. It's just eclectic and fun. And I like that it's not a huge downtown either. It has a good mix of a beach vibe with city slickers. (Just don't go past 12th Ave..then you run into the ghetto!). ;)

Even being here for nearly a decade, I have yet to explore some areas. So many restaurants downtown that I have never eaten at...some beaches unexplored. I never get bored of San Diego because there is always something new to try people to meet- most people that I have met in my time in San Diego are not natives. They are either East Coasters, Northern Cali's, out of staters. ...out of countriers for that matter.. they come, they see, they stay. And that is exactly what I did.

These photos are in no particular order..I was going to try and arrange them by area, but it was taking too much time! 

James at the Padre's game in the nosebleeds! 
A better company sponsored seat at Petco Park in the Bullpen area. Why hello baseball players!
A view from a rooftop bar ..Coronado is across the bay.

Supposedly the oldest sailing ship around..Little Italy harbor.

 Pacific Beach (also where I lived for a few years and probably the college party capital of SD)
My Mom and I having a glass of wine at Horton Plaza Nordstrom downtown

Another rooftop hotel bar (you can see a peek into Petco Park)

Fireworks over downtown

The La Jolla "Wedding Bowl"- (this is where we were going to hold our wedding ceremony, but it only allows for 40 guests and it just wouldn't work)

A Little Italy sunset I captured super quick while driving home.
The only downside to living downtown are the crazy one way streets and traffic! But at least the view is nice.

A view from a mediation I attended for work. Love the city view with the ocean in the background!


Probably my favorite restaurant in Little Italy.
One of my friend's weddings we attended at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. So pretty!

Wind and Sea Beach..(between Pacific Beach and La Jolla)- pretty much where the plastic surgeons and really rich people live! ;) 
 James and I after work at happy hour downtown
Balboa Park-pretty and old architecture and museums can be found here. Also holiday festivals!

James this past Easter outside of Tom's Lighthouse- brunch on Harbor Island
James and Oreo at Sea Port Village..My little family <3

So, I thank you San Diego. You have helped make the past decade of my life pretty amazing. You set the backdrop for the screenplay of my life. I met the love of my life here, landed a law firm job here and graduated college here. I am always up for living and exploring in a new city (especially to be able to afford to buy a home), so I don't know what the future will hold..but for now, I am perfectly content here. 


  1. I love what your dad said to you awhile you guys were waiting to be seated. Now I see why SD is much more special to you. You already know I am in love with your city! Its NYC/Boston+SD tied in 2ND place. Poor AZ doesn't even make it in the top 10. Next time I am in SD, I am seriously gonna be knocking at your door, or just stand some where in Little Italy & scream out "Katie!".

  2. @Sarmin! Yes ..we def. need to meet up next time you are in SD! I love NYC too! I have never been to Boston or AZ..well..I have been to Havasu quite a few times, but outside of that, no AZ.. and I'm pretty sure Havasu isn't comparable to what AZ is really like being that it's a crazy party town!

  3. ah, i love it! San Diego is SOOO beautiful, it's just ridiculous how much so. i love what a connection you feel to it! And that wedding wheel is just too gorgeous! too bad it seats such a small number.


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