Friday, October 26, 2012

The Anti Monkey Suit

I am so glad it is fall! I love sleek jackets and layering pieces to create an overall polished look. This is a more casual outfit..again.. I'm so glad I can wear jeans to work! At so many stuffy law firms, the poor employees are forced to be stuck in a monkey suit all week. I am lucky to work at one where I can still express my own style, because a pant suit is Although, during the rare occasion a case actually goes through to trial, then I have to bust out the monkey suit. But that is very rare.

Today, I decided to add some minimal height and throw on a basic pair of black, leather wedges. A wardrobe staple for me.. comparable to a black heel for many girls. Most days at work, you will find me in ballet flats. I used to wear heels every day when I worked as a teller for Wells Fargo and that required me standing all day long! What was I thinking?!! My shoes didn't even show! (I was also younger and not so practical then). At one point, I felt like I could run in heels. Now I feel like an awkward freak-one of those women on a makeover show that when they reappear it is clear they have never stepped foot in a heel! I need to get re-accustomed to wearing them. I just wear flats because they are comfortable and practical. I think they are sleek enough to go with most dressed up outfits if you know how to pair them correctly. I would rather be comfortable the entire night out than be sporting the latest heel and have my feet be killing me! I did that for years and realized that most the time, in the dark night clubs, restaurants and bars, no one even notices. But if they make you feel happy, and they don't kill your feet, then wear em! I do love the way they make an outfit look. They are sexy. I just need to buy a fab pair that will make me want to wear them and suffer through the associated pain. I am 5'8''-5'9'' and just now getting to the point where I am owning my height. I'm 27 and at the point where I don't care if I can see over most men's heads in heels. The fiance is 6'3'', so I don't run into this issue with him! ;) Just as a shorter person gets comments all the time about their height, I get it about mine. Constantly. Even today, with only my 3'' wedges on..I get "How tall ARRREEE you?" Like said in a way that I am deformed.. a freak of nature...Well how tall are you?!

Again, please do ignore the background and lighting. I have been taking these photos in my office bathroom for convenience. I am in the process of refurbishing a baroque style mirror at home, so once that is done, the background and lighting will improve! 

Jacket: Express-( I really like how the sleeves flare at the bottom..adds something to it), Top: BCBGgeneration (old), Rose Gold Necklace: ByBellaCollection, Jeans: Nordstrom, Black Leather Wedges: Nine West 

It was second day hair today, so instead of fussing with it, I threw it up in a sock bun..been doing that a lot lately! Thank you Lauren Conrad! ;) 


  1. So cute! Are the wedges new, or have you worn them before? I haven't seen you in wedges or heels in so long! I understand comfort is key though, I'm the same way. I only wear heels on the weekends, and even then, I still bust out my flats whenever I can. Flats are just as chic as a pump ;) Love the bun!

  2. @beautygirl24: No the wedges, I got during trial..back in February. I wanted something a little dressier than flats for the court room, but that would still be comfortable so I could focus on what I was doing..I wear them here and there..just not when we go out. I associate them more with work I guess.

    That sock bun is my new best friend (well besides you of course!) It has saved me so much time in the mornings on second day hair!!

  3. Let's be friends! I am 5'8 too, & I never really worn heels, cuz well I am 5'8...Now when I try to, I am one of those girls from the makeover shows, can't walk in em. & yes, I never understand girls wearing super high heels out to bars/clubs, its so dark you can't even see your own hands. However I get to see them when they are walking bare foot to their cars, & almost falling over. Its funny, but then also I like to tip my hat off to them for wearing them, cuz I can't. Gladiator sandals are my best friends. Love your outfit, love anything teal. I am still waiting to wear blazers. The hair looks super cute!

  4. ...Almost forgot, if you do get the MAC travel makeup hangin' thing, I am not 100% sure, but its only sold at the store. I don't think its online.

  5. @Sarmin- Yes I thought I saw you post once about being 5'8''..the funness of being tall! LOL.. Yah I went to the MAC store over the weekend and it was sold out..surprise surprise! I always hit the collections late (as in 2 days after they come out) and they are always sold out of everything I want! Boo!!

  6. You look darling! I love how you still make the casual look so classy. Wedges are a great idea. I wear flats all the time and heels are hard to chase a child in...but wedges are so much more comfy and fun than flats. Cute post. Cute outfit. You look beautiful as always! :)

  7. looks SO cute!!! I love the way you can just 'throw-up' a bun like that. That's so funny you were having trouble with the heel, haha. I guess if we get out of step with them we lose that ability!
    you look adorbs!


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