Monday, October 8, 2012

"War Paint"

One of my favorite memories of my Dad is when I was back home living with him when he was sick and he would watch me get ready in the morning. He would always say as I grabbed my makeup case "Are you getting ready to put your war paint on for the day?" I would always smile. That is what it is in a way. A face we present to the world to face our day to day battles. It's the first impression you give. So I have always believed that a lady should present a face you are proud of. Have it put together. Especially if you have to go to work. While we all have some mornings where makeup is the last thing we want to fuss with, just go ahead and put even just a little on. You will be glad you did once you are out for the day. You never know who you will meet or run into, so be prepared just in case.

Now my exception to this rule is on weekend mornings when I run to get coffee or go to CVS to grab a few drugstore items or at the gym. The most I will put on during these occasions is a splash of lip gloss. Makeup has a time and a place. Makeup is a big part of my life. As silly as that sounds, I have a logical reason behind that. It is my hobby. I enjoy studying and recreating different looks. I have done makeup for a couple of my friends' weddings and really enjoyed it!

I have come to the point where I know what I like and I know what I don't like and I try to stay true to that. People have put so many rules out there for makeup on "dos" and "don'ts". While I think some of those are true, it doesn't hurt to bend the rules sometimes. Experiment with it. Test your comfort zone. The worse that can happen is you don't like the outcome and it just washes off as if it was never there. Be proud of your war paint. It's one advantage we have over the men.


  1. haha, I love that 'war paint' (especially coming from a Dad), totally going to tell people that.

    I LOVE how you rock your makeup. Looks soo glam and well done. I need to get back on the makeup train. I've been getting lazier with it and I don't like it!

  2. You have such pretty eyes!
    My makeup-ing skills are very limited, its so bad where they should take away my "girl card"...I stick to heavy eyeliner (think panda eyes), ODing on blush/bronzer, & now I have obsession with lipsticks which can totally make me look more clownish then Kim K. But that totally works for me, or I live to believe that it does.

  3. This was such a cute story :) Now I'm going to think about putting on my war paint everyday...especially on days when I'm not too happy to be going to work!

  4. @beautygirl24 @sarmin @misscaitlin S.: Thank you! And Sarmin! I'm sure you do not look clownish!! LOL I love heavy eyeliner too!


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